Midshipman, Undress Uniform, 1795-1825


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There were no official changes in the uniforms of midshipmen in either 1795 or 1812, the only alterations being those dictated by fashion or convenience. This plate is based on a drawing of Midshipman the Hon. G. P. Campbell by Edridge, dated 1806. With his jacket, Midshipman Campbell wears a single-breasted white waistcoat, trousers of a slightly darker tint, probably grey, and shoes with bows on them, rather like children’s dancing pumps. In his hand he holds a black leather waist belt with lion’s head mounts, behind which the hilt of a dirk or hanger is just visible. It is not clear when these top-hats became normal wear for midshipmen, but both Benjamin West and Denis Dighton show them being worn in their respective versions of the death of Nelson. In the former, they are plain, while in the latter, they have a gold lace loop on the left side.

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