Major, 10th Foot, 1864


III Infantry Uniforms of the British Army 1850-1960

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Since 1964 part of The Anglian Regiment. The 10th Foot was raised in 1685, and gained many battle honours under Marlborough, and in India during the Sikh wars. It became the Lincolnshire Regiment in 1881 and is now part of the Royal Anglian Regiment, of the Queen’s Division. The double-breasted tunic did not last very long, being soon replaced by the single-breasted version shown here, and yet another version of the shako was produced, this time covered in blue cloth. The sleeves of the tunic are here shown cut much looser, either as being more suitable for active service or, more probably, to conform with the civilian fashion of the day. The red walking-out dress of the Chelsea Pensioners is like that of this officer.

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