Captain 3 years post, Full Dress, 1812-1825


Captain, 3 years post, FULL DRESS, 1812-1825: drawn from the RN regulations of 23 March 1812 and a portrait of Sir Philip Vere Broke by S. Lane and a portrait of Sir William Parry by Sir William Beechey RA

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This plate is taken from a coat in the National Maritime Museum, and from numerous portraits of the period, that of Sir Philip Vere Broke by S. Lane, an engraving of which is in existence. The captain is wearing one a sword which was given to officers of the RN and the Royal Marines, by the Patriotic Fund of the City of London, in recognition of outstanding feats of arms. The fund, started in 1803, presented swords of different values, depending on the importance of the action. This sword has an ivory grip, lion’s head pommel, and a very ornate hilt and guard, chased with trophies.

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