An Officer of the Royal Marines, Full Dress, c. 1805


An Officer of the Royal Marines: FULL DRESS: drawn from (i) 1803 sketch of a coat by Welch & Stalker (Naval tailors) (ii) 2 portraits in possession of the Royal Marines of Henry Rea and Anthony Kinsman

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Largely because of Lord St Vincent‘s efforts to obtain some recognition of their loyalty during the naval mutinies of 1797, the marines were made a ‘Royal’ corps by an Admiralty Order dated April 29th, 1802. As was the usual practice with royal regiments, their facings were changed from white to blue, and the metal appointments of the officers, together with their lace, from silver to gold. There are two portraits in the possession of the Royal Marines, one of Henry Rea, and the other of Anthony Kinsman. The belt-plate and gorget shown in the plate are based on these paintings.

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