Cutty Sark

A superb print of this world-famous clipper issued to commemorate the centenary of its launching at Dumbarton in Scotland in 1869. This print was drawn by John Gardner (the artist responsible for our Coastal Sailing Craft and Warships of the Royal Navy). This drawing was completed 18 years before the fire that engulfed the vessel when she was undergoing renovation on 21st May 2007. Most fortunately many of the timbers had been detached from the vessel for treatment at that time so the damage, although severe, was not as bad as had been anticipated during the height of the fire. It was estimated at the time that the fire added a further £5 to £10 million to the restoration cost bringing the final total to around £46 million.

The print measures 76 cm wide x 51 cm high (30″ x 20″). Minor variation in size is possible based on the actual guillotine cut made by the printer over 50 years ago. Shown here are photographs which have been carefully corrected to remove most distortion. Hugh Evelyn © Crown Print Published in 1969 by © Hugh Evelyn Limited, London; drawn by John Gardner.

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