Sail Through the Centuries

It seems that in 1962 or 1963, not long after starting his own business as a publisher, Hugh Street (Hugh Evelyn) was approached by the Swedish publishing house of III Tre Tryckare of Gothenburg to publish a series of marine prints in London on their behalf. (That is a speculation at this stage).The prints had been created for Tre Tryckare by the Swedish marine artist Gordon Macfie (1910-1971) whose father had emigrated to Sweden from Scotland in 1845. The prints later became the subject of a book “Sails Through the Centuries” written by Sam Svensson that was published by Macmillans in New York in 1965. We have 23 of what we believe were originally a collection of 40 prints. All the prints are the same size, are numbered and are printed on heavyweight paper.

The prints measure 44 cm wide x 33.5 cm high (18 ½ ″ x 13 ½ ″). Minor variation in size is possible based on the actual guillotine cut made by the printer over 50 years ago. Shown here are photographs which have been carefully corrected to remove most distortion. Published in 1963 by Hugh Evelyn Limited, London; drawn by George Macfie, the copyright in these prints lies with III Tre Tryckare of Gothenburg.

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