We have 12 quality prints from the late 60’s about which we know very little. There are no identifying marks. These prints were stored by Hugh Street with all the other prints shown on this website and were found after his death some 20 or 30 years later. It therefore follows that many of the roses shown here are classics that were bred in the 50’s – many of them in the United States although some of the older classics were bred in France and the Netherlands. More recent hybrids are completely absent from this collection but will have been hybridized from some, if not all of those famous roses shown here.

The prints measure 30.5 cm wide x 46 cm high (12″ x 18″). Minor variation in size is possible based on the actual guillotine cut made by the printer over 50 years ago. Shown here are photographs which have been carefully corrected to remove most distortion.

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