Locomotive Prints II

Published in 1967 by Hugh Evelyn Limited, London; drawn by E.W. Fenton.
This 2nd series of E.W. Fenton prints was published 10 years after the first, and whilst the subject matter has not changed, the mood had changing dramatically. The so-called Beeching cuts (55% of stations and 30% of route miles) were accelerating in 1967 which, to a railway enthusiast like Fenton was, as he suggested, a slaughter! Ironically, the salvation of the remnants of the steam age was becoming more secure. York, as the leading collection of steam locomotives is now but one of many locations where locomotives can be seen stationary or in working order. From Glasgow (the Riverside) to Acton (London Transport Museum) and from Darlington to the Stevenson Railway Museum at North Shields, steam engines can be seen. The role of volunteers creating heritage railways – from the “Whisky Line” at Keith in Morayshire to the Helston Railway in the South of England – private individuals have created a growing mileage of heritage lines.
The prints measure 43.5 cm w x 25.5 cm h (17″ x 10″) with slight variation from the printer’s cut 50 years ago. Shown here are corrected photos of the prints – slight distortion from the original prints may still show.

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