Army and Navy Uniforms and Mediaevil Armour and Heraldry

These prints of British regimental uniforms were drawn and described in detail by Colonel P.H. Smitherman over 50 years ago. The days of British imperial British power closed within a few years of WW II. By the  early 1960’s, when these prints were created, regiments had already begun merging, amalgamating or disbanding as the army contracted and that process continued to the present time. Nearly every regiment has amalgamated repeatedly. We have tried to show this succession in the descriptions of each print to the present day.

The prints all measure 24 cm wide x 37 cm high (9 ½ ″ x 14 ½ ″). Minor variation in size is possible based on the actual guillotine cut made by the printer 50 years ago. Shown here are photographs which have been carefully corrected to remove most distortion. Published between 1962 and 1970 by © Hugh Evelyn Limited, London; drawn by Colonel P.H. Smitherman.